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A Familiar Feeling

This post is part of P8TT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Please help us so we can keep this community together to fight the battles ahead. You can chip in here to make a one-time donation, or here to make a monthly donation, which helps P8TT have a more steady source of funding.

By Jacqueline Hirahara

When I arrived in New Hampshire with Anthony and Arisha, the atmosphere felt familiar.  I had felt this with Prop 8 in California and with Measure 1 in Maine.  Marriage equality exists in New Hampshire, but with impending legislation it could be repealed.  Since it was the legislators making this decision, constituents needed to reach out to them and let them know that support is there for same-sex marriage.

Thanks to our members’ support, including yours, we were able to host Camp Courage trainings throughout the state to help frame their support into stories.  We met with families, students, couples and people just wanting to be heard.  We took trips to meet with Courage Campaign members in New Hampshire and meet with LGBT friendly businesses.  One trip we took to Amherst, NH, where we met with Betsy, the wife of one of the Concord campers.  Lisa had told us her story of working in a Federal job for 30 years but not being able to share her federal pension with her wife.  When we arrived we were warmly greeted with coffee and amazing stories.  Their 2 neighbors also told us why they supported their friends.  It was great hearing the history of the fight for equality in NH.

Hundreds showed up, against the repeal of marriage equality, on the day of the House hearings.

Everyone has a story, it’s the power you give it that makes the change.  It is also why it is important to organize around this and give testimony to our neighbors and friends.

The support from our members, readers and donors help make this possible.  This support allows us to host these trainings.  I look forward to more in the future. Please chip in here so we can replicate our success in New Hampshire.

March 8, 2011 at 1:00 pm 24 comments

Tomorrow’s NYTimes editorializes for lifting the stay on Judge Walker’s Prop 8 ruling

By Adam Bink

Brilliant editorial. It dovetails exactly with what we’ve been arguing here (bolding mine):

Seven months have passed since Proposition 8, California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in San Francisco following a much-publicized trial that turned up no evidence to justify the measure’s denial of equal protection and due process.

Yet the 2008 initiative continues to inflict serious harm on same-sex couples and their families thanks to a court order that prevents gay men and lesbians from marrying in California while the case is being appealed. That stay should be lifted now.

The appeal was argued in December before a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. It could be many more months before the panel rules. In February, it asked the California Supreme Court to resolve a procedural question regarding the standing of the initiative’s sponsor to bring the appeal. The state’s top court has said it will not even hold a hearing on the issue until September, at the earliest.

In legal papers filed last week, lawyers challenging Proposition 8 took note of the “serious, lasting, and irreparable damage to gay men and lesbians who wish to marry” caused by this extended timetable and called on the federal court to lift its injunction.

The stay should never have been granted in the first place. Applying traditional legal criteria, the extraordinary relief of a stay is only warranted when the applicant makes a strong showing of likely success on the merits and of irreparable injury in the absence of a stay — two arguments that cannot be satisfied here.

As the trial judge’s ruling affirmed, the denial of marriage equality furthers no legitimate governmental aim. And defenders of Proposition 8 can point to no real injury they would suffer if gay men and lesbians are permitted to wed.

Every day same-sex couples are denied their right to marry is another day of injustice for them and their families. Couples who wish to wed knowing that the appellate court could decide to uphold Proposition 8’s ban should be allowed to take that chance.

Personally, I am just shaking my head. I’m not sure I could have written a better editorial myself. Our arguments are resonating. Our stories of discrimination- like Courage Campaign members Shane and John‘s on ABC News, and Ed and Derence‘s in The Washington Post, The Advocate, and many other places- are resonating in the media. And tomorrow, a huge section of this nation will read it.

If you haven’t given to our fundraiser to keep P8TT going and keep building our work to result in outcomes like these, we’re about $4,000 short. That’s 80 people giving $50. We’re making progress. Please contribute. And ask a few friends to. Even better, become a monthly donor. We’re making a difference.

March 7, 2011 at 6:59 pm 86 comments

P8TT: Look What We Have Built Together

This post is part of P8TT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Please help us so we can keep this community together to fight the battles ahead. You can chip in here to make a one-time donation, or here to make a monthly donation, which helps P8TT have a more steady source of funding.

By Arisha Michelle Hatch

To be completely honest, when I first heard that Rick was live-blogging the Prop 8 trial I didn’t think much of it.
“Maybe it will keep him occupied for a few days and we can actually get some work done,” I thought. ;) (I’m partially kidding.)
But then I started reading the comments – started going to the blog expecting to find Kathleen’s take, found myself in tears sometimes as I read the commenters’ stories.
And I was even more surprised when many of you followed us on the NOM Tour – through about 25 states, over thousands of miles, and several tours you kept coming back keeping the blog alive.  So many of you have joined us on the road, providing a relief (however brief) from NOM’s intolerance.
Please consider contributing to the P8TT because together we’ve built a real community. From Rick sitting in a crowded overflow room trying to get his wifi to work, to Anonygrl’s hysterical short stories, the P8TT has become a place we can all count on to come celebrate or grieve the status of the movement.

March 4, 2011 at 4:45 pm 29 comments

Maryland Civil Marriage Protection Act passes House committee, 12-10

By Adam Bink

Some last minute maneuvering saved this one. Delegate Tiffany Alston, who was a sponsor but changed her mind this week, voted against it, leaving the Committee Chairman, who is on the record as opposing same-sex marriage, to cast the deciding vote in favor of it.

Sources have been telling me we are still short of the votes to pass it in the full chamber, so we have to hit those phones. I will keep an eye out for a target list, and then we can repeat our work on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”- calls, calls, calls through the vote. One last push to get it to Gov. O’Malley’s desk.

Vote count of today’s vote:

Joseph F. Vallario, Jr., Chair – YES
Kathleen M. Dumais, – YES

Tiffany T. Alston _ NO
Curtis S. (Curt) Anderson _ YES
Sam Arora – YES
Jill P. Carter – YES
Luke H. Clippinger _ YES
John W. E. Cluster, Jr. _ NO
Frank M. Conaway, Jr. – YES
Don H. Dwyer, Jr. -NO
Michael J. Hough – NO
Kevin Kelly – NO
Susan C. Lee – YES
Susan K. McComas – NO
Michael A. McDermott – NO
Keiffer J. Mitchell, Jr. – YES
Neil C. Parrott – NO
Luiz R. S. Simmons – YES
Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. – NO
Kriselda Valderrama – YES
Geraldine Valentino-Smith – NO
Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher – YES

March 4, 2011 at 2:45 pm 184 comments

“Adam Bink and his big, beautiful mouth”

By Adam Bink

Hey, you know, whatever keeps you interested :)

A must-read diary at DailyKos by clarknt67 about all of us and the work we do here. And my giant mouth. Oh, and Larry Adams.

Rec, comment, and then ask 10 friends to. We’re over the halfway mark on our fundraiser and I’d sure like to piss off Maggie and Brian by getting to the top!

March 4, 2011 at 1:56 pm 25 comments

Why My P8TT Family Is So Important To Me

This post is part of P8TT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Please help us so we can keep this community together to fight the battles ahead. You can chip in here to make a one-time donation, or here to make a monthly donation, which helps P8TT have a more steady source of funding.

By Richard Walter-Jernigan

Hello! It’s Richard here. Most of you here know me since I am one of the earliest sign-ons to the P8TT family. And yes, to me it is a family. Within our online family, I feel so secure in being myself, and I have learned so much here. Kathleen, Ann S. Carpool Cookie, Trish, and our other legal eagles have shared from their own knowledge of the law and also shared so many links to other law resources that I feel I have almost finished law school under their tutelage, and I am so grateful for that. Michelle and Marlene have expanded my knowledge of transgender issues so that I am even better prepared to help fight to make sure my trans brothers and sisters are not thrown under the bus at every turn. Ronnie has helped turn me into a Gleek and a Gaga fan! Sheryl, Mormon Mother of a Wonderful Son Who Just Happens to be Gay, Santa Barbara Mom, and others have taught me so much about the LDS church and its inner workings. Fiona, LLB, AnonyGrl, Kathleen, Sheryl Carver, Kate, and the other ladies, whether they are gay, bi, trans, or straight, have all helped me grow in my understanding of women’s issues. Franck, Felyx&Kevyn, and our other couples have taught me why UAFA is so important, and from what I have learned in this family, all of you have contributed to re-awakening my activist side.

In addition, all of you have witnessed the evolution of my relationship with BZ, as demonstrated through the changes in my handle here since I first joined. I started out as Richard A. Walter, then as we began to work on the logistics and finances of going to a marriage equality state, you saw my handle change to Richard A. Walter (soon to be Walter-Jernigan) and since BZ’s birthday in November, you have now seen my handle as Richard A. Jernigan. Right now, that is only my legal name in those states which will recognize our Connecticut wedding, but I am not changing back, because we are in a state of flux with the tide rolling ever more insistently toward marriage equality. DK even showed up in Westbrook at our wedding and reported back to the rest of the P8TT family and I later provided a YouTube link so that those who could not attend could watch the videos.

And on the P8TT board itself, we have grown to be so much more than just the Prop 8 trial. We have covered DOMA, ENDA, DADT, UAFA, and other events that at first may not appear to be related, but actually are related. And as a family, we have dealt with trolls, spam artists and those who may be making an honest effort to learn more about the Rainbow Tribe in their own efforts to end discrimination. We have grown as a community and as a family. We have shared about births, deaths, engagements, marriages, and all of the other ups and downs of life. And we even call each other out when any of us get out of line. And we cheerfully welcome our lurkers with a virtual table of cookies, challah, MILK, and whatever other goodies we can put on that table.

All of this and more is why this family is so important to me, and why I think it is important to all of us. This is our online home. We know we are safe here. We know that each of us has everybody else’s back. We know that there will be occasional misunderstandings and squabbles. Hey, that’s what happens in families, both online and offline. But we have all moved forward, and we have been there together.We have learned exactly what we can accomplish as a family when we get out there and vote. We have learned what happens when we send emails, snail mails, and make telephone calls. WE have learned what kind of power we can wield. Let’s keep this going.

I know that very few of us like pitches for money. But this one is important. Each of us is able to contribute in different ways at different times, and right now, those of us who have the means are needed for some financial contributions. Some of us can send money now, some cannot. Most of us have contributed before now and will do so again in the future as finances permit. For those who can contribute now, please feel free to help keep the lights on here at P8TT. And if you have already (or can’t), ask someone you know. Thanks.

P.S.: Whether you are able to send money now or in the future, I want everyone here in the P8TT family to know that in one way or another you are all on my list of heroes and sheroes.

March 4, 2011 at 10:00 am 41 comments

P8TT=Love, Information, Acceptance

This post is part of P8TT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Please help us so we can keep this community together to fight the battles ahead. You can chip in here to make a one-time donation, or here to make a monthly donation, which helps P8TT have a more steady source of funding.

By Gregory in SLC

Why do I read/comment/follow P8TT faithfully?

Christmas 2007 we shared a bitter-sweet moment as it would be the last time I helped my ex-wife take down ornaments that we spent 25 years collecting together. In Jan. 2008 I left my Christian religion and marriage to my dearest friend to venture into a new world that I didn’t know existed…a life that felt authentic to me, thrilling but scary…and all so new…

In early 2008 I moved into an apartment with my now 3+ years partner. He had been living a gay life for over a decade…ever since he was kicked out of the Mormon church. He has introduced me to many things, dancing, love, George Michael…. in May 2008 we drove down to Phoenix AZ to hear G.M. in concert where G.M. declared his approval of his first U.S. tour in many years coincided with the approval of marriage for “his type.” Inspired from that trip, I was looking forward to marrying my dear partner in late 2008 or mabe early 2009.

Then came the Nov 2008 elections and the passing of Prop 8 in CA.

I was stunned and incredulous. Gone were dreams to soon be married any time soon. I searched on the internet for answers, comfort, advice and news on prop8. I found P8TT. Until 2008 I did not personally know even 1 “gay family” so the first thing I noticed at the P8TT website was a beautiful interracial SS couple with a cute child. My hubby and I come from different cultures, I have four children, the 2 youngest to participate regularly on activities with me an my hubby. It feels so natural to be a gay dad but I had no role models.

P8TT has introduced me to a whole rainbow of beautiful/smart/clever/funny/demanding/shy/educated persons. I tune into P8TT nearly every day as its my #1 source for important news and to find effective ways I can participate to create change. I’m so thankful for my associations with P8TT. Here I can be myself, reveal my greatest fears, be comforted in times of need and celebrate each success. When the day finally comes that me and my hubby are married I’m confident my P8TT family will celebrate with us as they are the ones who have loved, challenged, encouraged, accepted and supported me through my birth into the LGBTQQI universe. I gratefully contribute tithes to this site so Arisha, Adam and others can expose NOM and company so another Prop 8 will not happen again.

Please chip in here so we can make sure it doesn’t. Supporting is one way.

March 4, 2011 at 8:00 am 21 comments

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